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About Us

I have fallen in love with painting over the past few years after being a professional musician and filmmaker. I also run a non-profit to build empathy for other species and bring healing stories of compassion between humans and non-humans to health center waiting areas. All the products here are designed from my paintings, except for a few scarves which I have chosen because they fit the theme of animals and nature. Animal-friendly and sustainable fabrics and practices are behind all what you find on the store. All the designs I make are meant to flatter your body and enliven your home, but also spark conversation and connection while you are out in the world -  about animals, nature, the environment. As I grow the store, you will find many fun and interesting facts and links about the designs, whether they are flowers, animals or land or seascapes. You can find time-lapse videos of the process of painting some of the designs, What's in the Box videos to show you more in detail what the fabrics look like close up, as well as original art and prints to purchase for you or give as gifts under the Wall Art category. Thanks for visiting! -

Miranda Loud, Big Orange Cat Designs Owner/Designer




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