Big Orange Cat Designs

Beautiful and whimsical home decor and apparel inspired by animals and nature 

From our wonderful customers

Excellent quality, exceptional customer service, but the most important attribute is that the artistry is relevant, expansive and captivating. I know where I'll be doing gift shopping. Brava.

Sarah G.

The roses tank top is so flattering and makes me feel great. I've already had so many compliments!

Suzanne K.

My niece was so excited to open the squirrel zipper clutch/bag. She loves that you have so many squirrel designs on the store.

Clare M.

Every painting is an experiment in color and texture

Creating the artwork is just the beginning of where it goes and the conversations it brings.

Each animal I paint is an individual with relationships that matter to her

and each one teaches me something about myself - Miranda Loud, Big Orange Cat Designer

Across species we are all connected

Animals remind us to slow down and play a little, toss a ball, roll down a hill, enjoy the catnip

Choose what you wear and the images around you

as if you could choose your own feathers or fur pattern. Because you can! Give love everywhere. It's free.